October 26, 2009

A home for Kenyan orphans

A friend of a friend is doing some pretty cool work in Boston. I wanted to share it with all of you and give you an opportunity to be a part of the change she's trying to make in the lives of orphans in Kenya.

A lady by the name of Dana Reichman has committed to raising $2,500 between Oct. 19 and Nov. 20th to help provide a home and an education for 32 orphaned girls in Mtwapa, Kenya. Dana lives in Boston and is raising the money for a new Boston charity, called One Home Many Hopes. Its mission is to provide this home and education for these 32 girls in Kenya, who are currently sharing a four-bedroom home with three house mothers.

The group is working to raise $70,000 by Nov. 20 to help build the girls their first proper home. The idea is that these girls, who grew up eating and sleeping alone in the streets, will eventually become women who will be able to keep other children from suffering similar childhoods in the future.

Dana has raised an amount just shy of $1,000 thus far. Please take a moment and a couple of dollars to help push her to her goal. You can visit her fundraising page and make a donation by clicking here.
Donations of any size will help. Those who donate $100 or more will receive a limited edition One Home Many Hopes t-shirt.

As Dana puts it, "If we give up a night out one week this month, or cook instead of going to a restaurant, we can do this."

To learn more about the girls or to find out how you can get involved by raising money for this cause, click here.