January 13, 2009

Unveiling the needs of the world with video

A coworker of mine recently introduced me to Flip Video Spotlight -- a program dedicated to helping nonprofits make the world a better place by way of the power of video. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is.

The program has a goal of delivering 1 million of their camcorders to qualified nonprofits over a five-year period, which began in Sept. 2007. The idea is to conceptualize the difference such videos could make if e very nonprofit had a camcorder to tell the world about problems that need solving, opportunities that need seizing, abuses that need correcting, stories that need to be told and so on. I think it could be incredible, don’t you?

The program was implemented by Pure Digital Technologies Inc. -- creators of Flip Video Ultra camcorders. The camcorders are high-quality devices with built-in software that allows editing, organizing and video publishing through YouTube, MySpace and other video-sharing spaces online. Plus they’re compact, lightweight and easy to operate.

So, how can you help? Individuals and groups can become Spotlight Sponsors and work directly with Flip Video Spotlight to donate funds to a nonprofit of their choice for the purchase of a Spotlight Kit. Or they can use giving networks like Network For Good or JustGive to make Spotlight Kit donations online.

The cost for a kit is $150. Each kit contains two 60-minute Flip Video Ultra camcorders and various training materials. Organizations interested in receiving a kit can apply here. Eligibility requirements can be found here.

Those interested in purchasing kits directly for an organization that might not meet the qualifications necessary to receive a kit can contact Marci Glazer, executive director, by sending an e-mail to spotlight@puredigitalinc.com.



aaiken said...

This is awesome! I think it's great when company's use their current user base and potential user base to help make the world aware of problems that need change. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

Jess said...

Agreed! No problem at all. Thanks for reading and commenting :o)