November 10, 2008

Feeding and educating children in need


It turns out that Toms sells more than just shoes. They also sell trendy hats and t-shirts, the proceeds from which also provide a pair of shoes for needy children. And at $28 each, they're a wee bit cheaper than the shoes.

And then there’s my favorite part. I recently discovered that Toms also is selling a hip-looking tote bag that is designed to raise awareness and funds for feeding hungry children and helping them get an education.

I won’t lie - these are pricey at $65 a pop, but think about it: Each “Feed Project Bag” sold provides one school year’s worth of meals for a child in need. Your $65 not only gets you a bag in return, but it gives a child the hope of an education and a regular meal.

Sign me up.



flicmod said...

Sweet! I'm a sucker for t-shirts. Maybe this would convince my wife to let me buy more :-D

BTW, I'm totally adding your blog to my "Daily Links" bookmark list.

Yeah... you're that worthy.

Jessica Bair said...

This early in the game it should be easy for me to figure out who people are, but I'm wondering which kind friend you are, flicmod? :o)

PS: Thanks!!

flicmod said...

Your best friends husband?

Jessica Bair said...

I have a lot of best friends who are married. I'm gonna guess Wesley Brown? :o)