November 8, 2008

I, too, propose a change.

This year’s election was covered with the marketing techniques of luring individuals in with the idea of initiating change. Everybody in our great nation appears to be interested in change. I know I am. But the biggest problem with all of this is that not many - or at least not enough - seem willing to step up and initiate that change. We complain, we cry, we struggle, we disagree, we feel frustrated, we rage…yet we remain silent or inactive - or both.

I feel challenged to help initiate change. To help individuals follow through with their words. Walk their talk. Change their world. I want to change my world. This is my first step, small as it may be. What will yours be?

The whole purpose of this blog (tentatively titled Change 101) is at least once a week to post some information about a cause. I hope to provide some insight into what the cause does and how you can help the cause, if you feel moved to do so. I hope that the information I provide you with will help you to speak up, reach out and take our world and our desire for change seriously. Do more than vote. Do more than complain. Do more than feel guilty. Do more than exist. Help. Contribute. Do something…do anything.

I will not deny that my motivation, inspiration and reason for all of this stems directly from the heart of my faith in God. However, I do not require you to have the same reasons as I for what you do. I am overwhelmingly ecstatic for you to do, period.

I will try to update this blog once a week - at the very least…perhaps each Sunday, so that come Monday morning, you will have a fresh piece of informational inspiration at your fingertips. And together, perhaps we can make a change.



Heather said...

Good idea, darling. I love you!

Dennis said...

What a noble, neat idea this blog is, Jess! I'm honored you invited me to be one of the first people to check it out. This post is motivational, thought-provoking and well-written. Way to be part of the solution. Thanks for helping to inspire me. I look forward to reading your future posts.

Joanna said...

Hi, Jess:
Perfect timing for the holiday season. Thanks for taking the lead and for guiding me to ways to make a change.
(And know I am a fan of a well-written piece!)