November 9, 2008

Shoes for needy children

“Shoes for a Better Tomorrow”

Here is something simple you can do within the next ten minutes or less to initiate change. For every pair of shoes purchased from Toms Shoes, the organization will give a second pair of shoes to a child who desperately needs them.

The lightweight shoes are simple and come in a variety of cool designs/colors/etc. The price for a pair is roughly $40-$60 a cost a good bit more. It's kind of pricey, but keep in mind that not only are you getting a pair of shoes - so is someone else who likely needs them more.

Since the group got started in May 2006, it has given more than 10,000 pairs of shoes to children in Argentina and 50,000 pairs of shoes to children in South Africa. During 2008, the group plans to give 200,000 pairs of shoes to children around the world. How awesome is that?

(Disclaimer: This photo was taken from The band has taken on Africa as their cause -- more on that later. The pictures were taken while helping with a Toms Shoes Shoe Drop in South Africa.)

One way Toms delivers the shoes is through Shoe Drops, which you can help out with if you’d like to take your commitment a bit further. More information on how to do that can be found at You can also help out at community events that are hosted across the country (or host your own). Click here for more on that.

The organization sells some of its shoes at retail outlets (click here to do a search), but you also can purchase items on their Web site, which is probably the easiest and fastest method.

Happy shopping (while changing our world),

PS: Stay tuned for more ways you can initiate change in partnership with Toms Shoes later this week...

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