December 22, 2008

Donate while you Celebrate the Season

Christmas is upon us, people. What does that entail? Tons and tons of food consumed during numerous parties and gatherings.

I've been attending a number of parties myself, and one recently took place that I thought I should share with the masses. While attending an event thrown by a couple of lovely ladies I graduated college with whom are now living in the Philadelphia area, I was struck by their cleverest of open-hearted ideas. Instead of asking their guests to bring along a dish or a beverage or anything else at all, they requested donations to pin to their Christmas tree.
Not just any donation, mind you, but a combined donation that would be split between two causes chosen by the hosts. It was a somewhat small gathering, but the pair managed to raise $250. I think this is awesome. I also think you should follow suit. It is Christmas, after all...and those resolutions of change are just around the corner. Start early. Begin making your changes now.

Already throw your holiday shindig? Not to worry. This is a great idea for any kind of party all year round. Tuck it in your back pocket, but don't leave it there. Do it.

Wishing you the kindest of holiday blessings,

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