December 5, 2008

Urban Poverty in Central PA

Today's post is made possible by the hard work of an esteemed reporter at the Central Penn Business Journal. David Dagan spent many months this year investigating the topic of urban poverty as it relates to workforce issues within the Central Pennsylvania region.

I invite you to take a close look at the results: The Invisible Workforce. You will find some compelling information about why change is necessary, not just in this region - but across the country and into the world.

Here is what published today:
--Uninspired: Communication gaps, apathy clog labor pipeline, advocates say
--A fragile Future: Between courts and jobs, a young man stumbles (FYI - this one made me cry.)Videos and more information on the series can be found by clicking here. The second part of the series is set to publish a week from today. Stay tuned.


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