December 28, 2008

Stoves for Women in Darfur

So, I was flipping through the television this weekend and came across a CNN story about a 17-year-old who is single-handedly doing what he can (a whole lot, it turns out) to change the world. His name is Spencer Brodsky and his story is truly inspiring.

Brodsky has been raising funds to purchase fuel-efficient stoves for women living in Darfur, where war is raging. To learn more about the situation in Darfur and what is being done by at least one group to stop it, click here.

The Maryland resident started his project in 2007. He has raised enough money to purchase more than 400 stoves, which go for $30 a piece. The importance of the stoves goes beyond face value. A little research (or a visit to Brodsky's Web site) shows that families in Darfur must travel far into dangerous territories to collect enough wood to build a fire and cook their food. The stoves Brodsky supports requires 75 percent less wood to cook the same amount of food.

So, I propose we help Brodsky out by contributing $30 to his project. He'll take care of the rest, which results in making life a tiny bit easier for women and children who are experiencing a kind of life that most of us only visit in our nightmares. Click here to buy a stove.

Brodsky purchases the stoves by partnering with CHF International - an organization that has worked to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions in more than 100 countries over the past 50+ years. To learn more and/or donate directly to CHF's fund for stoves for women in Darfur, click here. To read what CHF had to say about Brodsky, click here. And to find out how else you can change the world by partnering with CHF, click here.

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